Patti Carr Black

September 15, 2009
Excerpts from Patti Carr Black interview

Excerpts from Patti Carr Black interview

We helped found New Stage Theatre, and that was a great wonderful undertaking. I am so proud that it has struggled forth and that it is quite healthy today. The group of us that started that theatre just didn’t think we could take one more day of Under the Yum Yum Tree that the local theatre was doing. So we were going to branch out and do exciting, dramatic, verboten kind of works like that. We opened with Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?, and we opened with a bomb threat because we announced that it was opened to all races.

It was a pretty exciting time. 
When the directorship of the Old Capital came open, I became the director. My whole focus from the moment I walked in and had that opportunity was to get away from military and political history, which was its total focus at the time and to go towards cultural history—particularly literature, art, and music… I’m sort of a missionary about art. I really want to get people out there.

When you look on the great civilizations of the past, you don’t remember who was emperor when or what the war was that closed the gap. You know the architecture and the art and the sculpture. That’s all anybody knows or cares about. And that’s pretty much the way I feel. I’ll throw in literature with it.


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