Sister Dorothea

September 15, 2009
Excerpts from Sister Dorothea interview

Excerpts from Sister Dorothea interview

I grew up near Chicago, Illinois, and had a very happy childhood. I went to a good elementary school, and then went to a private all girls’ school in Springfield, Illinois, for my high school and was taught by the Dominican Sisters. I got to know the sisters very well there. They are a fun- loving community. I guess that is where I got my vocation; however, my mother and dad were very good, faith-filled people. I had a good family life. It was in my high school years when I enjoyed dating, but I felt drawn to the religious life…Prior to going into the convent I had a chance to do some modeling, so I experienced a lot of the world. I don’t regret ever going into the convent. It’s a very fulfilling life; it’s a wonderful life. What I like about this ministry is working with people trying, and trying to help others become better. They say the person that climbs the highest is the one that helps the other person up. If we can bring out the best in others, it helps all of us. I am a team player; I am not a lone ranger, and don’t believe in doing things by myself.

I believe in giving credit to people who do the work. I can’t say this a great place because of Sister Dorothea. It’s not. It’s because of everybody—all three thousand of us working together for our mission. And our mission is, “All human life is sacred.” We treat all people with respect and dignity, and we take care of the poor, the very wealthy. And it’s one level of care,which is the center of excellence. We treat the very poorest of the poor. We have a clinic on West Capital that is for homeless patients. We give them the best care as we do the very wealthy people that come here with insurance. So its one level of care for everyone.


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