Dorothy Moore

September 18, 2009
Excerpts from Dorothy Moore interview

Excerpts from Dorothy Moore interview

I used to sing at the Alamo Theatre [in Jackson, Mississippi] growing up, starting at the age of 12. They used to have talent shows every Wednesday night, and I would appear on there. And I now call the Alamo Theatre my classroom for what I am doing today, because it was a great learning experience, which made me prepare for what I am doing professionally.

It was sort of like a young girl coming from Jackson, Mississippi, going to the fair for the first time. I would go out and introduce my song; I wasn’t too all over the stage. I kind of had to learn that a little bit. Then I got brave and learned as I went, would say a few more words to the audience. Then I became a boss, a CEO, as far as hiring my band leader and telling them what to do, telling my road manager what to do. I never thought I’d do that.

The reason I started my record label is because I wanted creative control. I felt that I had been in the business long enough that I knew what I wanted to do. I kind of felt what my fans wanted. I had to please my fans—what made Dorothy Moore. I hadn’t forgotten that.

A lot of people have it all wrong about Mississippi. You know, it was like that in the past. You know how it was. In some places where I would perform in the early ’60s, I could perform in restaurants, but I could not sit down and be served. …

People think MS is a bad place, but I think it’s the greatest place on earth. I’ve always made my home here.


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